Knowing When Your Backyard Needs a Landscape Redesign

Landscaping is regarded by many as a precise art that requires experience and expertise. In the case of most homeowners, it’s not something you do casually and spur-of-the-moment, like gardening or decorating. And because of its complexity, landscape redesign should be best left to the professionals.

However, given a chance, you may find that landscaping is something worth doing yourself. In fact, some aspiring landscapers believe it can be a very relaxing and fulfilling hobby. The trick is to see it as less of a big, daunting chore that needs doing and more of a long-term, ongoing project. And in time, who knows. You may find yourself agreeing.

Here are some signs that you might be ready to try backyard landscaping.

Your Backyard Looks Dated

As with kitchen counter patterns and bathroom tiles, landscaping also has trends that rise and fall every decade or so. Outdoor sitting areas, mini-greenhouses, fairy lights in trees seemed practical-yet-gorgeous five, ten years ago may come off as ‘too flashy’ or ‘too stuffy’ now. Another five, ten years down the line, and who knows? Wraparound patios might make a comeback.

Whatever the current fad may be, if you think your backyard looks a little dated, it might be time to modernize.

Everything’s Either ‘Too Big’ or ‘Too Small’

You might find yourself thinking that the trees lining your backyard are taking up too much space. Alternatively, you might find yourself staring at your flowerbeds and thinking it’s time to add more. If your backyard feels too empty one day and too cluttered the next, it may mean that you’re merely dissatisfied with your current space.

landscape redesignTake note of the areas that are starting to look a little overgrown, and then trim and cut accordingly. Get rid of debris and detritus that no longer appease your aesthetic, like dirty old garden gnomes or that tacky planter that you got as a gift. Likewise, note the spaces that you feel do need a little expansion and think of viable, practical ways to use them.

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You’re Starting to Feel Very Strongly About it

If you’re indifferent about how your backyard looks or if you find that it doesn’t much inspire strong, negative emotions, then you might not need to commission a complete landscape overhaul. A general clean-up, some new plants, or a new outdoor sitting area may be enough to satisfy you.

But if you find yourself flat-out hating the way your backyard currently looks—or, at the very least, you’re just unhappy with it—then it’s time for a landscape redesign. Otherwise, you’ll feel stressed and frustrated every time you see it.

Once you get past your initial apprehensions and concerns, you’ll no doubt find that landscaping is an investment—one that you shouldn’t have any qualms making. Aside from giving you a potential new hobby, landscaping leads to a manicured backyard, which consequently raises your house’s market value. In time, you’ll find that all the resources and effort you’ve put into your backyard landscaping have paid off tenfold.

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