10 Obvious Signs Your Yard Needs a Landscaping Intervention

It’s only natural to take pride in your home. And with pride comes completing any maintenance and doing the necessary work to keep it looking good. When it comes to the exterior of your home, this work largely involves landscaping. Good landscaping can make your home stand out on the street and make it even more inviting for guests. But make one landscaping mistake and how people perceive your home could drastically change. On that note, here’s a look at 10 obvious signs that your yard could use some landscaping help.

Dying Plants: Plants may die for a variety of reasons. For instance – you may have planted them too deep where roots can’t get sufficient oxygen. Or they may be planted in an area with heavy shade when they actually need lots of sun to thrive. Or they could be the wrong type of plant for your yard.

Dead Grass: Dead grass usually involves either not watering properly or cutting it too short. When you cut the grass, try to only cut about one-third of the grass blade length, as cutting too short strains the roots. In terms of watering, lawns usually only need about an inch per week of water.

Lack of Variety: Some people like a tree, flower or bush and buy and plant that exclusively. Don’t be afraid to mix things up.

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Signs of Pest and Animal Issues: Are deer or rabbits prevalent in your area? If so, be sure to plant accordingly or have the right detractors.

Style Mismatches: Whatever you plant or have in your landscaping must flow together, so plan and plant wisely.
Scattered Mulch/Debris: If there’s mulch runoff from landscaped areas on any walkways around your home, chances are you forgot to border off the area. Be sure to put down edging in these areas to prevent sloppiness.

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Improper Draining: When people landscape, they often forget about water drainage and wonder why they wind up with water in their basements. All landscaping around the home should be sloped away from the home, so water runs off accordingly. Even patio areas should be slightly sloped to encourage water runoff away from the home. And be sure that gutter downspouts are adequately directing roof runoff away from the home too.

No Lighting: Lighting can help putting a nice accent on any landscaping project, not only giving it a more defined look during daytime hours, but at night as well. Don’t forget about this finishing touch.

Irregular Pavers: If the pavers you put down, whether it be on a walkway or back patio, are becoming sloped or appear irregular, chances are you forgot to put down a base before laying them. The best base to use is usually crushed stone, which helps with drainage and also helps keep the pavers structurally sound over time.

Unkempt Yard: If you put the work into crafting your yard, you need to also put the effort into properly maintaining it. An unkempt yard usually involves failure to keep it up altogether or using the wrong tools to do it.

Of course you can always hire a pro to come in and completely transform your yard. That is what Aj’s Landscaping specializes in. Considering revamping your landscaping? Contact AJ’s Landscaping today.

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