Pool Design & Construction Process at AJ's Landscaping

So incredibly happy we chose a AJ’s Landscaping to bring our dream vision of a backyard to reality!

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Pool Design &
Construction Process

Keeping our process so simple allows us to do so much together

We are committed to making your journey as easy and stress-free as possible! Our team takes pride in providing a seamless experience from start to finish. Let us guide you through and help you discover unexpected possibilities for your space.

Simplified Process: AJ’s Landscaping ensures a stress-free journey with expert guidance and seamless experiences.
AJ’s Crew: Experience expert guidance and seamless experiences with AJ’s Landscaping's dedicated team.

1. Client Intake & Onsite Visit

At your initial phone call, we will schedule an intake call to discuss your project in detail. It is a great way for us to get into the conversation. We want to make contact with intention – preparing in advance is key to productive planning, taking some time prior to the call, whether that be writing up your thoughts or preparing what you’d like to share with us in advance. This ensures everyone gets off the phone excited about what’s ahead. We like to set up the best possible circumstances so everyone is prepared as we move into an onsite walk through.

With every project at Aj’s, Chris utilizes his expertise and techniques to deliver the best in the business. We are committed to not just getting an overview during our intake phone call with Maria, but to explore all opportunities with Chris during your on-site visit and collect detailed information about what you envision for yourself, your family & your backyard.

At AJ’s, we don’t just design extraordinary outdoor spaces – we create an experience. To ensure each project begins with an amazing start, our scheduled intake call lets us get to know you so we can truly bring your vision and style to life. With our friendly and collaborative approach, you’ll feel like part of our team and family in no time as you and Chris get creative exploring every corner of your property together during your onsite visit.

2. Design Creation & Proposal

AJ’s cutting-edge creative process is fine-tuned and our recipe is one-of-a-kind. When it comes to outdoor design, seeing is believing, and nothing speaks louder than our 3D design images. Chris and his team have an exceptional eye for detail and take the time to ensure that every element of your outdoor design is taken into consideration, taking the ideas gathered from you and turning them into something truly remarkable.

At AJ’s Landscaping, we are passionate about giving our clients what they envision and desire. We are thrilled to bring your ideas into reality and provide you with an accurate representation of how it will look when complete. Our process ensures that any modifications can be made in real time so that together we can reach perfection; this allows us to exceed expectations each and every time.

We take the necessary steps to put together an estimate based on the materials needed and other costs associated with your proposal. We take all variables into account—from stone finishes, plant selection and lighting fixtures to seating arrangements and other amenities—to ensure everything is accounted for so we have an accurate estimate that reflects reality.

3. Time to Build

Our goal is to ensure that you have a transparent and connected experience when working with AJ’s. Our custom client portal is one of the tools we use to maintain consistent communication throughout your project; from contract through the life of your warranty. We provide you with a real time project timeline that is broken down into milestones, which can be easily accessed at all times. This allows you to follow along with our progress each day, so you will always know what’s happening in real time.

Your Foreman, Chris and the whole team communicate back and forth through this portal. You will have access to view what tasks are being completed each day and where our work crew will be and what they are working on.

Your portal will provide detailed guidance on how to make payments, what timeline is expected during different stages of a project and what order of events will occur. This ensures that you get greater semantic richness when it comes to understanding every aspect of your project as well as providing you with peace-of-mind knowing there is a clear track record of everything you have been anticipating.