5 Reasons to Hire a Pro for your Landscaping Maintenance

Whether you’re new to home ownership and are developing a landscape from the ground up or are considering giving an existing outdoor living space a complete makeover, you may be wondering if there are benefits to outsourcing the project. Many people, for instance, think they’ll save significant sums by tackling lawn and garden chores themselves, but this often turns out not to be the case. Following are five good reasons to outsource lawn care and landscaping maintenance jobs.

Attractive Curb Appeal with Professional Landscaping

Professionally designed and maintained outdoor living spaces provide maximum curb appeal. Even if you aren’t interested in putting your home on the market at any foreseeable time in the future, creating and maintaining an attractive yard and garden will prevent you from having to make major renovations to make the property appealing to prospective purchasers. Also, bear in mind that mature landscaping that has been properly cared for over a number of years has far more aesthetic value than outdoor environments that have been put together quickly for the purpose of creating curb appeal.

Professional Landscaping Maintenance Saves you Money

Novices who take on landscaping projects frequently make costly errors. They often sink thousands of dollars into a project before they realize that professional expertise is required for optimal results. For instance, they may love the look of lush, green hostas but not realize that these plants require fairly shaded locations in order to thrive. Homeowners often select plants based on subjective personal preferences only to discover that they’ve made poor choices that need to be replaced. A professional will get it right the first time.

Benefit from a professional’s landscaping expertise

A skilled landscape professional can also design a low maintenance outdoor living space that will keep labor and utility costs down. For instance, municipal water prices have skyrocketed in recent years, making it difficult for many homeowners to justify constantly having to water outdoor vegetation. Your local landscaper will have knowledge of which plants are native to your area and can best survive on the region’s normal rainfall amounts. Drought-tolerant yards in certain areas may also increase the value of the property.

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Outsourcing your landscaping maintenance could be safer

If you’ve got children or pets in the home, you choice of landscaping plants can have a significant impact on their health and safety. Many popular ornamental shrubs and herbaceous flowering plants contain toxins that can be harmful if ingested, and some cause contact dermatitis that can be quite serious in some cases. Common examples of poisonous plants include ornamental castor beans, oleander, and foxglove. Experienced landscape professionals know what plants to avoid when households contain children or pets or when homeowners simply want to avoid having any kind of vegetation material that might be toxic on their property. Keep in mind that you may be held legally liable in some jurisdictions if a child becomes ill or injured while on your property even if the child is there without your consent tor knowledge.

You can spend time doing things that are actually important to you

Many homeowners spend their entire weekends on landscape maintenance activities, forgoing spending pleasant hours enjoying leisure activities with friends and family, attending social activities, pursuing hobbies, and simply relaxing and recharging after a long, tiresome work week. A professional service will be able to do an excellent job in about half the time time because they have the necessary tools and expertise. You’ll be better able to advance in your career if you aren’t exhausted and run down from performing lawn and garden chores during evenings and weekends.


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