Use These 4 Landscape Design Patterns During Your Backyard Remodel

Nowadays, we have a busier lifestyle and we do not have time to tend to our gardens or backyards. However, there are homeowners that would love their backyards’ landscape to match their house interior. Keep in mind that you have to consider your needs and wants before remodeling. Is it for the kids to give them a play space or you want to try to grow crops?

Here are some landscape design patterns that you can consider not solely for aesthetic, but for its use as well.

Red Brick Path

Add depth and dimension to your backyard by cutting a path using beautiful red bricks or understated Lueder’s limestone slabs. The symmetry of the bricks and slabs affords you the option of creating chiseled steps to give the illusion of space. You can then accentuate the pathway with diverse plants.

Go for colorful plants like marigolds, purple sage, or bronze fennel if you want a sunny, whimsical look. Alternatively, make your backyard look like a quaint old garden straight out of the pages of a fairy tale by lining the path with pruned hedges. Add a fountain or pool at the end of the footpath or in the center to create a substantial dramatic effect.

Japanese Gardens

Use These 4 Landscape Design Patterns During Your Backyard RemodelIf you’re into gardening, why not add bonsai plants to your backyard? Japanese gardens are a great addition to backyards, as they can artfully integrate subtle design elements with nature. They’re also known for hand-laid rock formations and quiet, relaxing accent pieces like small waterfalls or ponds. You can magnify the culture-themed set up with Japanese-style lanterns.

To complement your Japanese garden, use round granite to create a pathway of stepping stones. You can intersperse them with black desert flagstones for a distinct look. If you have the budget and space for it, you could install a Japanese-style teahouse to act as an outdoor kitchen or entertainment center, as it can give a more relaxing ambiance to your home.

Stone-Lined Ponds

For a unique, vintage look, sink a pond into your backyard and line it with stones. Adding a statement piece, like a sculpture, will complete your garden’s rustic panache. Since the pond and sculpture can act as non-organic focal pieces, you can place different drought-tolerant plants around it to make your backyard more eco-friendly. Alternatively, you could center your entire yard around the focal pieces by placing pathways and blooming shrubs in a circular design around the pond. Try butterfly bushes are hydrangea paniculata for a subtle hint of color.

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Dining Patio

Extend your dining and entertainment areas by installing a dining patio in your backyard. This is a hot trend right now among homeowners that can really raise your home’s equity. Decorate the surrounding areas with beautiful splashes of color using easy-to-grow flowering plants like chrysanthemum, zinnia, and snapdragons. For accent pieces, add some succulents. The neutral green will really pop out amidst the backdrop of color in your backyard.

When choosing a landscape design pattern, pick one that matches both your budget and personal preference. Don’t forget to consider the size of your backyard before starting the remodel. Overall, your backyard is still an essential part of your home; make it feel like it is.

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