Try These 7 Simple Landscaping Ideas For Your Yard

Landscaping can be a fun and extremely effective way to give your yard a makeover. However, most people are under the impression that landscaping projects have to be huge, large-scale affairs. This isn’t always the case. There are simple landscaping ideas that only require one or two people and a handful of materials to complete. Some might take longer than a day to pull off, but the end results are always worth it.

Here are 7 simple landscaping ideas you should definitely try out.

1. Choose Complementing Plants

landscaping ideasWhen choosing which plants, trees, or shrubs to put in your yard, always think of the overall picture. You should select plants that complement each other in terms of look, color, growth, etc. For instance, nasturtiums have long vining stems that look great when paired with cucumber or squash plants. Nasturtiums also reportedly repel cucumber beetles.

Marigolds and melons are another winning pair, as marigolds can control nematodes found in melon roots. Planting lettuces with tall flowers like nicotiana or spider flowers can create an aesthetically pleasing contrast. The tall flowers also provide a light shade for the lettuce.

2. Plant in Groups

Grouping plants can really help shape the way your yard looks. You can also create subtle lines, walkways, or divisions through negative space by planting groups of flowers or shrubs strategically. For best results, choose plants that look good when group together. Avoid asymmetry, as it rarely translates well in landscaping.   

3. Raise Your Garden

Raised garden beds can add depth and dimension to your yard. They can also provide a good focal point for any landscape, which makes it easier to plan and design your garden around it. Experiment with different heights, levels, and layers until you achieve the look you want. Alternatively, work with a landscaping artist or professional to figure out which would look best for your yard. 

4. Don’t Cut too Often

While it may be tempting to mow the lawn every other weekend, slicing off more than an inch of grass at a time can cause it to turn brown. This can leave ugly, desaturated spots around your yard, so watch what you’re cutting off.

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5. Install Pavers or Walkways

Another great way to save your grass and keep it lusciously green is to install a walkway. Pavers, stepping stones, brick roads, slate steps—any material will look great when installed correctly. For best results, choose something that complements the colors or theme of your yard i.e. red brick for a rustic, classic look, stepping stones for a more whimsical vibe, etc.

6. Add Ground Lamps

Accentuate your walkways and plant groups by adding little ground lamps along the paths. Solar accent lights typically give off a soft yellow glow which can look absolutely stunning at night. Try to install the lamps every three to four feet or so, so that their light overlaps.

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7. Use Hedges To Create Privacy

If you want to create a boundary between your yard and the rest of the neighborhood but fences aren’t really you’re aesthetic, enclose your garden oasis using tall hedges—similar to the ones used in Victorian-era labyrinths, only up to your waist or shoulders. Trimming them regularly to keep their rounded rectangular shape may be a little trying, but overall hedges are easy enough to grow and maintain.

A total yard makeover need not cost thousands of dollars. There are hundreds of simple, easy, and cost-effective landscaping ideas out there suitable for gardens and backyards of any size. If you need help implementing them, you can always hire a professional landscaping artist to guide you.

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