5 Landscaping Design Options that Enhance your Home

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Having the right landscaping design can significantly enhance your home’s appearance, boosting its value and adding curb appeal. While the landscaping that would work best for your home depends on a number of factors, such as the layout of your property and whether or not it slopes, there are some basic design ideas that can complement any home. Consider using one or more of these in your landscape design to improve your property’s aesthetic value.

A Floral Greeting

Plant flowers along the pathway leading up to your front steps and along the front of your porch for a bright and cheerful way to greet guests. Planting brilliantly colored flowers in these areas can make your home seem more inviting. It also provides it with more visual appeal. In terms of which flowers to choose, that depends on your local climate and the kinds of native flowers that are available in your area. You can also plant flowers that bloom at varying times to ensure that you have colorful blooms for several months during the year.

Animal Deterrents

While the sight of deer wandering around might fill some homeowners with awe, keep in mind that these large animals can do a number on your landscaping. To make sure that your yard looks great on a regular basis, plant flowers and other vegetation that deer aren’t attracted to, such as butterfly weed or other perennials that deer find unappealing. Remember that there are other animals around that can also feast on your landscaping if you’re not careful, such as rabbits.

Elegant Elevations

Play around with different heights in your yard by having elevated planters or hanging baskets around. These give your landscaping varying heights, which can add aesthetic appeal and make your property more visually stunning. Choose a variety of colors for your planters and baskets to draw the eye to these higher blooms. You can plant more subtly colored flowers and plants at ground level to avoid clashing. The more eye-catching flowers and plants up above should complement your home’s exterior colors for a unifying effect.

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Hidden Structures

While having a shed to keep tools and equipment in or a garage for your car are practical, these outdoor structures can detract from your home’s appearance. With clever landscaping design, you can effectively hide or disguise these structures. Plant potted ferns and other plants around the base of these structures, or add shelves to their exteriors for plants and flowers. This vegetation can provide these outdoor structures with a bit of dressing up to make them look more natural and appealing.

Practical Paths and Whimsical Walkways

Paths and walkways give your property a creative alternative to plain old sidewalks. Consider adding a straight path to your front door made up of decorative stones, or put in a winding walkway that leads to a garden or porch. There are several kinds of materials you can choose from for your path or walkway, including brick and stone. You can also have a series of elegant lights installed along these paths or walkways, and decorate their borders with flowers and other plants.

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