How to Plan a Backyard Remodel

How to Plan a Backyard Remodel

Many backyards include elements like a lawn or patio area where you and your guests can sit back and unwind. However, there are so many other parts of a backyard that homeowners rarely utilize—spaces that could make it so much more enjoyable and practical, if given the chance. Some homeowners are completely content to come up with a backyard remodel design on the fly. Others, however, who won’t move until a completely detailed plan is drawn up.

If you’re planning your own backyard remodel, here are some tips to keeping the process smart and stress-free.

Create an All-Weather Design

As a homeowner, you want to enjoy the backyard rain or shine, which means making adjustments and designs for all types of weather. For instance, you can use different shade variations for space, such as a partially-shaded living room, an open-air fire pit, or a fully-covered dining area. You can make certain spots just as enjoyable in the evening by adding mood lighting and creative pathway lights as well.

Think About the People Using Your Backyard

Who will primarily be using the backyard? You? The kids? Guests? Will you need the area for recreation and entertainment? Is your family the type to cook and eat outdoors a lot? Consider these things as you design your remodel to create a backyard that can be enjoyed by everyone in your home. Your refreshed outdoor space should include something for everyone—kids, pets, and visitors included.

Plan for Potentially Big Equipment

When creating a new backyard, you need to anticipate future access. You probably don’t need them now but, in the future, you might have a building project that will require stump grinders or mowers. You might even be faced with a repair job or project that will call for fairly large machines to enter your backyard. Plan for it in advance so you won’t have to remove any precious plants or decorations.

Include a Focal Point

How to Plan a Backyard Remodel1Add more personality to your space by including an artistic focal point that makes everyone look. A focal point in your backyard helps engage visitors as they go through your outdoor space. The focal point can be anything that’s very different from the surrounding space.

The scale of the object is also key when choosing your focal point. If you have a big landscape that has beautiful views, an oak tree can be a great focal piece. On the other hand, if you live in a small urban space, a small statue or a garden bench in the right size can play the role well.

Here are the 7 elements you should include in your backyard landscape design!

Leave Some Space to Breathe

It might be tempting to use every inch of your backyard during the backyard remodel, but it’s actually better if you don’t. Backyards can easily look cluttered with too many elements in them, and you want to avoid inducing a feeling of being overwhelmed. Leave some space in parts of your backyard instead of adding more decorations.

You don’t need a five-figure budget to make your backyard remodel dreams a reality. Whether your landscape project is a short trip to the nursery or a month-long event, it’s important to carefully select your plants and decorations and properly plan out where to place them. Just follow the above tips and you’re well on your way to creating a beautiful backyard space that will bring you enjoyment for the years to come.

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