Focus on These Simple Factors During Your Backyard Remodel

Executing a full backyard remodel can take a fair bit of planning, conceptualizing, designing, and re-designing. It’s every bit as detailed as interior redecorating and can come off just as horrendous if done incorrectly. Ergo, we highly recommend you seek the assistance of a licensed professional—even if it’s just for their advice and expert opinion.

Barring the risks, of course, remodeling your backyard can be a fun, long-term project—if not a bit overwhelming. There are a lot of elements to take into consideration. The good news is that you only need to focus on three essential factors first. Once you get them out of the way, you can slowly and methodically move on to the smaller details.

Plants, Trees, & Shrubbery

Backyard RemodelOne of the easiest ways to spruce up your backyard is to focus on the plant life during your backyard remodel: flowerbeds, shrubs, bushes, and succulents. These are all versatile and functional backyard pieces that are easy to obtain and easy to maintain. They also give you a lot of options regarding color, type, height, and style.

You could plant flower gardens, vegetable gardens, English gardens, or a combination of all three. English gardens are especially popular right now, as their intricate design makes for a spectacular landscape. For all three gardens, space is not an issue. Proper landscaping can fully utilize the existing space to create something beautiful regardless of size.


Walkways are a great addition to any backyard remodel. They naturally—and artfully—divide the area into sections by providing subtle borders and contrasts. For the careful gardener, walkways can also protect your grass and plants from getting trampled on.

Depending on the design you’re going for, you can have either a full sidewalk (also called a full path) or individual stepping stones. Think of the former as one seamless line branching throughout your backyard, and the latter as a dotted line. Both have certain charms that fit well with specific auras. For instance, full brick paths tend to look more classic and traditional, whereas flat stones give backyards a more whimsical look.

Stamped concrete for full walkways can also look quite lovely, but it may lack subtlety if the design is too loud or too busy. Using wood circles in varying sizes as stepping stones can make the whole backyard feel very natural and down-to-earth. Unfortunately, they may prove harder to clean and maintain over time.

If you’re stumped for ideas, ask a landscaping professional for his/her expert opinion. Alternatively, you can look online for inspiration. Regardless of what you choose to do, know that installing or redesigning walkways in your backyard will prove to be an excellent decision in the long run.

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Common Areas

If you didn’t have a common area in your backyard before, you should seriously consider adding one during your backyard remodel. Common areas are places where your family or guests can gather. Unlike entertainment centers or living rooms, backyard common areas don’t require specific equipment, furniture, or coordinated décor. All you need is enough flat space to host several people at once, some comfortable seats, and maybe a flat surface to hold food and drink.

Some people invest in backyard decks—a practical and attractive idea—or patios. The latter is an especially good idea for people who want versatility or are fond of taking meals outside, as most patios can be connected to an outdoor kitchen or the indoor one. Backyard decks are very structured and are often considered luxurious. If you’re going for a classy backyard remodel, a deck is just the thing to invest in. However, if you want a more casual setting, patios are a great attachment for your backyard.

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