How to Spruce Up Your Backyard Landscape for the Summer

In summer, the days are very long and very hot—a combination that can easily tire you out. It doesn’t help that warm days make us want to kick back and relax, which means our everyday tasks often get pushed aside and forgotten in favor of lazing around. But if there’s anything you should prioritize during this long respite, it should be turning your backyard into the perfect summer landscape.

Investing in your backyard has a lot of benefits—especially come summertime. From smart xeriscaping—which can help you save on your water bills—to fun and functional new features—for entertainment and bonding—there are many elements of a summer landscape which can provide great value to your property.

Whether you’re experiencing Deep South rains, Midwest heat waves, or California droughts, the summer months can be a tricky time to landscape. Here are tips to consider when doing a summer landscape:


Do invest in drought-tolerant plants.

One of the best things about drought-tolerant plants is that they are low maintenance. They also conserve water but take note: it doesn’t mean you can plant it and simply forget about it. Keep the soil moist until the plant grows on its own.

Do fix up your outdoor living room.

Do's and Don'ts When Sprucing Up Your Backyard Landscape for the SummerDo you have a patio, gazebo, pool house, or some other type of structure in your backyard? Now is the perfect time to dust it off, spruce it up, and give it some shiny new features. For days when the temperature is deliciously warm and there’s enough of a breeze, you’ll want a nice, comfy place to enjoy the outdoors.

So make sure your outdoor living room has ample seating arrangements and a source of cool air (for when the breeze dies down), like a fan. Check the roof for holes, cracks, or leaks, and make sure your seats won’t get hit by direct sunlight. Throw in a few tables or surfaces (if there aren’t any yet) to hold cold drinks and light snacks.

If you don’t have an outdoor living room or living space, now is the perfect time to invest in one—especially if you live in areas that are moderately hot or temperate year-round.

Do fire up the barbecue area and prep your outdoor kitchen.

While some homeowners are perfectly content to beat the heat by staying indoors and blasting the AC on high, others find it best to fight fire with fire. Summer is perfect for outdoor barbecues and chill parties, so take full advantage of this by making sure your barbecue pit is on tip-top shape—or invest in one if you don’t have it yet! Alternatively, make sure your outdoor kitchen is fully stocked with all the essentials of a good summer party—cold drinks, finger foods, easy snacks, fresh fruits, and lots of ice.

Need some ideas for your outdoor kitchen? Here are 5 clever outdoor kitchen designs to draw inspiration from


Don’t let weeds multiply.

Always pull those weeds out before they have a chance to seed and ruin your summer landscape. You can use a cultivator or a hoe to handle new weeds that can be found in loose soil. Instead of relying on hand-pulling, you can use a heavy-duty tool for weeding. You have the option of using a mattock or hook to get rid of those pesky weeds.

Don’t neglect your pool.

If you’re planning to take a dip every day, make sure you clean your pool and run the filter every day as well. Some people take the chance and “reuse” the pool water if they go swimming three, four days in a row. They also clean the skimmers maybe once or twice every two weeks, when it’s recommended to do this every day. The type of filter you have will also dictate how often you should clean it, but since your pool will no doubt be in heavy use during the summer, we would recommend once or twice a month, just to be on the safe side.

After months of cold, there’s no doubt that summer brings a certain level of excitement to everyone. You get to have fun outside and enjoy the warmer weather while doing the things you love. By following the above tips, you’ll not only save your plants but also save your green thumb reputation.

Need more summer landscape tips? Feel free to reach to us today and we will help you make the backyard of your dreams.

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