5 Clever Ideas for Outdoor Kitchen Designs

Nowadays, an outdoor kitchen can mean so much more than a grill and a cooler of soda. Most modern outdoor kitchens still have a grill as its central element, but most of them have turned into a living room extension.

When designing outdoor kitchens, many people prefer to include the same conveniences they have inside their home. Some custom outdoor kitchens have pizza ovens, wet bars and wine chillers, fireplaces, roasting spits, smokers, counter refrigerators, and side burners.

Are you looking for new and clever ways to spruce up your outdoor kitchen?

Try these five tips to transform your yard, patio, or deck into the perfect outdoor cooking area.

1. Include a vegetable garden.

An outdoor kitchen provides you a lot of space that a traditional kitchen doesn’t have. Maximize the area you have by planting a vegetable garden near your outdoor cooking space. Aside from having fresh ingredients, a vegetable garden also offers almost everything you need, so there’s no more need to bring anything outside.

2. Add a pergola.

5 Clever Ideas for Outdoor Kitchen Designs1A pergola can add more definition and character to an outdoor kitchen. In addition to giving shade, it visually enhances any ordinary area outside your home. It’s also the perfect setting for warm yellow string lights to create a dramatic effect on special evenings. You can build one for yourself or have it professionally installed in your home.

3. Install a beverage chiller.

Cold drinks best complement sumptuous meals and warm summer days. However, endless trips indoors just to quench your thirst can spoil the fun. Have a beverage chiller installed on your outdoor kitchen to enjoy a good supply of cold beverages and ice within your reach.

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4. Use brightly-colored bar stools.

Add a splash of color to your minimalist, traditional, or rustic outdoor cooking space. A set of colorful bar stools will liven up any outdoor kitchen instantly. If you have the usual rustic brick brown kitchen bar in your backyard, using chairs with vibrant hues can make a huge difference in your overall design. They also give off a fun, cheery vibe that’s perfect for the outdoors.

5. Build your own grilling station.

Carrying all the cooking materials you need from your indoor kitchen to the backyard can be tiring. You can buy or make a grilling station that can store everything you need – from tongs, plates, extra coal, gloves, and more. Most of these stations come with wheels so it would be much easier for you to cook up your next barbecue feast.

Designing an outdoor kitchen as a part of an outdoor living space can be fun and exciting, but it’s also a challenging task that will present an endless amount of possibilities. A wide range of options are available for incorporating an outdoor kitchen design into your home landscaping. Those options are only limited by your imagination and your budget. If you have a clever idea for your next outdoor kitchen remodeling project, always consult with your landscape contractor for professional advice.

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