Turning your Backyard into an Outdoor Living Area that can be Enjoyed in All Seasons

Choose Durable, All-Weather Furnishings

To gain the most out of your area, when selecting furniture, ensure that the pieces selected are ones that are for outdoor use. When it comes to choosing outdoor furniture make sure that it is made from materials that are resistant to deterioration such as teak, eucalyptus, aluminum, wicker and high quality synthetic wicker. These materials are suitable for rainy conditions, snow and effects of ultraviolet light in the atmosphere. Make sure that you pay close attention to the product descriptions to see if what material they made and how it was constructed will last long and will not break or fade, peel or rot with change of weather or humidity.

Besides construction of frames, other factors include fabrics that are used in making the outdoor furniture as a factor of weather resistance. The outdoor fabric should also be tightly knitted in a way that rain water, melting snow or any other debris is not able to penetrate the fabric. One of the facts that can be considered is that if the fabric is an acrylic fabric that is specifically designed to be stain and fade resistant then it can stand up to multiple seasons outdoors better than cotton canvas and other natural materials.

Some other means for making outdoor furniture more livable include waterproof cushions . Pillow of your choice should be stuffed with high density foam and the material used on the outer side should not be absorbent to water. The features of the materials and design of the furniture are convenient: removable cushion covers can be washed at the end of each season, which will help to remove all the dirt that has accumulated on them.

Create Cozy Seating Areas

There is virtually no limit to what you can do with your outdoor area; however, one of the simplest and most effective additions one can make is the inclusion of a fire feature such as a fire pit, chiminea or an outdoor fireplace. The chance to warm up near it makes a space as comfortable for staying in during the evening after working outside or at any other time when the temperature is low. Place the furniture made of highly resistant to weather conditions on the fire element for people to sit on especially on cooler occasions.

Any climate that is cold enough to snow is a perfect place to take advantage of a covered seating area with a heat source, which will increase the amount of time that you may use your outdoor living space. To allow for a client to sit outside even in case of a rainy or snowy day, an outdoor fireplace or a mounted patio heater under a waterproof gazebo or pergola should be installed.

Landscape for Multi-Season Interest

In deciding what trees, shrubs, flowers and other plants one should consider, it is worth looking at the issue with an eye toward the other seasons. Choose trees, shrubs and perennials that have a good winter, spring, summer and autumn display; this includes good winter structure, berries, winter and autumn color, flowers in spring, and summer foliage. Conifers, for instance spruce and pine trees, are green through the winter season and the other non-evergreens are left green all the winter season.

Autumnal flowering plants such as mums, Japanese anemone and aster are ideal for planting in the garden as they come in a variety of colors before they die in winter. Winter berry plants like holm oak, winter-berry Lonicera, and red-twigged dogwood contain berries that glow during winter when other plants are still sleeping.

Some of the perennials that will die back during winter but will regrow during spring include daylilies and garden mums will therefore take space in your garden during the warm seasons if you combine them with evergreen ground covers and ornamental grasses. One can place a few planters or flower pots that can be changed based on the season, that is, some flowers especially when they have wilted can be changed to suit the changing season.

Extend Your Living Space

There are also times when it may be necessary to add light to your outdoor area, so that you can use it for more hours in the day and for more months in the year. Landscape lighting provides lighting on features such as pathways to enhance visibility and creates focus on specific structures and plants in the night while at the same time creating safe passage at night. Gardens and seating arrangements that light up at night offer a very cozy look and feel by the time it gets dark.

Some other design features that enhance an outdoor living area to be actually seen as another room are the heated flooring, patio misters, outdoor curtains, roll down weatherproof screens, and even outdoor cabinetry/kitchens. If planning to hardwire features such as home theaters, gaming, or theater rooms, consult your local building codes first.

Designing a pleasant space that can be accessed with a couple of steps from the back door of your home will help you go out more often and breathe fresh air regardless of the weather. Still, you can have more days outside than the summer season by taking furniture and design considerations to weatherize your space. Prepare yourself to sip your morning coffee and enjoy snow with views from the comfort of your gazebo or spend an evening with the book near a fire pit even in the winter. The only issue will be whether you want to be outside enjoying the sunshine or indoors lounging.

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