The Importance of Hardscape Maintenance After a Complete Backyard Remodel

Your backyard plays a major role in the overall aesthetic of your home. There’s really nothing quite like a well-groomed landscape complete with lush greenery and some well-placed hardscapes. That’s why a backyard remodel – regardless of the time, effort, and amount of money required – is so rewarding.

But a backyard remodel will not be complete without hardscape maintenance. One of the great things about hardscaping is its durability and long lifespan. However, it doesn’t mean you can just leave your outdoor décor as it is without signing up for a proper maintenance service.

Here are 3 reasons why hardscape maintenance is very important:


Take a moment to think about the paths, walls, and walkways in your backyard. They’re often taken for granted, but they do play a huge role in your overall landscape. After all, walls and fences contribute both security and aesthetics to your property. And your family members, friends, and guests all probably use your pathways all year-round—particularly when the weather outside is nice and a stroll through your (newly remodeled) backyard sounds ideal.

The thing about pavers, stones, and stamped concrete walkways is that trees and other natural plant growth can still grow between them. This can lead to unevenness and cracks. Aside from being an eyesore in your backyard, the uneven surface poses a definite risk for those walking on it.

Issues like this and concerning this can be resolved right away if you hire professionals after a backyard remodel.


Most people fail to realize that neglected, damaged hardscapes can actually take a toll on your property value. You may not be thinking about selling your property right now. In fact, it probably won’t happen in the next ten, twenty years. But if or when, you do decide to sell it, your cracked pavers, rotting walls, or broken, uneven walkways will do your market value no favors.

If it gets to the point where you’re forced to replace all your hardscape features just to bring the price up, there’s no telling if you can recoup the price of essentially two backyard remodels with one sale.

Sure, cleaning and maintaining your hardscapes may seem expensive. For people who decide to do it themselves rather than call in the professionals, it can also be time-consuming. But you need to see it as an investment for hardscape maintenance to make sense. You’ve already invested in a backyard remodel; you might as well invest in optimizing it.

In situations like this, it’s always best to think ahead and consider the value of your property first. And the reality is that the cost of regular maintenance is very minimal in comparison to the value of completely replacing everything.


Hardscapes not only gives depth to your yard; they also improve the appearance of your home. As we mentioned earlier, hardscapes – like their name – are very sturdy. Their longevity can be pretty shocking.

However, similar to any decorative object, hardscape features need to be maintained every now and then. You need to take preventive, proactive measures to extend the lifespan of your investment. Despite our best intentions, there’s no denying that wall blocks, pavers, and other kinds of hardscapes can still be affected by general wear and tear, extreme weather conditions, and the usual staining.

If you have recently completed a backyard remodel, chances are you already know a reliable contractor who can address your landscaping and hardscaping needs. At least once every year, make sure you hire professionals to clean and maintain your hardscape using the right tools, chemicals, and equipment.

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