How to Create a Backyard Oasis When You Have No Backyard

Whether you’re an avid landscaper or an invested homeowner, a garden oasis is a genuinely excellent summer project to undertake. It gives you the option to relax outside without suffering from heatstroke. In the evenings, you can enjoy the light summer breeze instead of retreating inside and turning the AC up. If you have basic knowledge of backyard landscaping, this is also an easy endeavor to pull off. If not, we highly recommend asking a professional to help out.

Don’t have a backyard for your backyard oasis? Not a problem. Check out these three great alternatives!

Transform Your Patio into a Multi-Functional Space

Backyard LandscapingIf you don’t have much of a backyard to work with, but you do have a patio, you’re in luck! It is entirely possible to transform your patio into your backyard haven. Treat it as an extension of your living room, dining room, or kitchen. Invest in a small table with a unique design to hold food and drink, and then use comfortable armchairs or lounge chairs for sitting options.

Depending on the atmosphere that you want to achieve, you can stick with a one-to-two color scheme for a clean, uniform, minimalist look or you can go with several complementing vibrant colors to liven up the space.

To complete that ‘backyard oasis’ look, add hanging plants, vines, or succulents around the area. Drape or wrap vines around pillars and borders for an artful look. Alternatively, put up a trellis on one side and arrange the plants within that area to give the patio a focus piece.

Transform a Room into a Green Room

If you’ve got a room on the ground floor that’s just been gathering dust or posing as an extra storage space, transform it into a sunroom or solarium. Switch out the regular walls for glass or install floor-to-ceiling windows to let the light shine through.

Bring the outdoors inside by setting up potted plants, succulents, and indoor vines. You can always ask a backyard landscaping or botanical expert what plants are easy to grow and care for—and can flourish in limited conditions. Even if you want a completely green look, make sure to add several flowers around the room for color accents.

Once you’ve tackled the plants, add the other components of your oasis. As with the patio, utilize the space. It may be more limited, depending on the size of the room, so opt for smaller pieces that can still provide comfort and function. You might not have space for full-sized dining, but a cute coffee table or a small round table should work in a pinch.

Don’t go overboard with the knickknack decorations, as those might cause problems in the limited space. Invest in a small portable waterfall to tie the room together, and light it all up at night using soft, environment-friendly fairy lights.

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Take it to the Front Lawn

Is your front lawn nice, roomy, and spacious? If you desire an outdoor getaway in the comfort of your own house (and lot), then position should not be a problem. Break out the comfortable lawn chairs and the portable fire pit. Add outdoor lighting—such as lampposts, ground lights, and small decorative lamps—to set the mood.

To ensure maximum comfort regardless of weather, consider constructing a garden arbor or pergola. Wrap Christmas lights or vines around the pillars for a whimsical look. Most pergolas have wooden slats for a roof to allow more natural light to seep through. If this doesn’t sit well with you, you can always switch out the slats with solid wood panels.

Lastly—and if you have the budget for it—put up fences or garden walls to give you a modicum of privacy. It’ll honestly feel like your private oasis once you can no longer see your neighbors walking or driving up and down the street.

Overall, oases are perfect backyard landscaping projects. They’re beautiful, multi-functional, and can add life to an otherwise ordinary backyard. The lack of a backyard landscaping should not derail you. With a bit of imagination—and maybe some expert advice—you can efficiently utilize whatever you have available to create an artful outdoor oasis that is uniquely your own.

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