Let’s talk Succulents!

? From plant walls to decorative pots, succulents can provide a diverse, exotic addition to your outdoor space. No matter the application, a plant design with a well thought out irrigation system is critical in getting succulents to grow year around.
Determining how (and where) to incorporate them into your yard needs some thought. Succulents can be planted in many ways, including vertically!

Plant walls provide an eye-catching display. These types of installations give room for creativity by varying and placing the succulents into different patterns that grow together to create living masterpieces. This type of application also works well when hiding undesirable fencing and can be installed indoors or outdoors.

? Check out this succulent wall AJ’s installed earlier this year. With each plant being carefully placed, this living art will grow in overtime and display an intricate design.

Decorative pots are another way to display succulents. We use this type of application when an area of the hardscape needs some greenery or softening up. The planting shown was one of several as a part of the backyard installation completed in 2019.

Succulents, like all living things, need more or less water depending on the time of year. Having a professionally installed irrigation system, customized to needs of the installed softscape is crucial. Specifically, for plant walls, succulents are placed in pockets and irrigation emitters are placed at the top to allow for ‘gravity fed’ watering to maintain proper moisture. Potted plants are a bit simplistic as a few drip emitters will do the trick. If your decorative pot is being installed over hardscape (pavers, concrete, tile), AJ’s recommend installing a drain under the pot to allow the excess water to escape so the plant roots do not rot.

Whether it is succulents or any other type of design elements for your outdoor living space design, AJ’s Landscaping designs with the details in mind.

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