7 Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas for the Busy Homeowner

7 Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas for the Busy Homeowner

For people who lead busy lives, maintaining your own yard might not be your top priority. Your lifestyle may require you to always be on the go, which leaves less time for tedious landscaping tasks. If you want a beautiful yard without a lot of fuss, check out these 7 low maintenance ideas that will keep your yard looking nice with minimal effort.

Choose Your Plants Wisely

Labor-intensive plants are not the way to go if you’re a busy bee. Try to minimize high-maintenance plants for your garden. For instance, roses require a lot of fertilizer, water, and pesticides. That means checking on them probably more than once a day. If your schedule can’t allow that, opt for alternative flowers that are easier to maintain, like cosmos or daylilies.

Mulch Heavily

Minimize weeding by mulching heavily with shredded bark and compost. In order to shade out weeds, be sure to put plants close together. Avoid turning the soil because doing so exposes dormant seeds of weeds to sunlight, which will only help them grow.

Use Drought-Tolerant Grass

7 Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas for the Busy HomeownerMany drought-tolerant grasses can help you reduce watering chores significantly. There are beautiful options out there that will work in a wide range of climates and soils. Just match the plant to its site. Once it develops a good root system, it can mature with very minimal watering.

Try Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation is a low-cost alternative to sprinklers. You’ll save more bucks if you install one yourself. This is a great option if not all of your plants can survive with minimal watering. Some of the benefits you can get from this system are: 1) they use 30 to 50 percent less water than other conventional watering methods and 2) they improve growth because smaller amounts of water applied over a long period of time give ideal growing conditions.

Consider a Xeriscape Garden

Popular in desert areas, xeriscape basically means zero landscaping. It is a sustainable method to create a landscape that needs little irrigation. If properly maintained, a xeriscape can use less than one-half of the water used in a typical landscape.

Use Clover Instead of Grass

Clover is a superb alternative to grass. This plant has many attractive qualities that can help improve the overall look of your yard. Aside from being insect-resistant, they compete well with weeds. They also don’t require frequent mowing.

Make a Rock Garden

Rock gardens often contain plants that are drought-tolerant. They don’t need a lot of care so they’re perfect for people who don’t have time to landscape. Another point in its favor is that the rocks themselves are great décor that never need to be tended or maintained.

Like anything else, your garden can become a stressful place to be in if you let it. The key here is to make your garden a stress reliever. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to design a backyard that’s straight out of a magazine. Remember, keeping your garden as a worry-free haven is more important, so that you’ll always have a place to go to when life gets a little overwhelming.

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