7 Fabulous Outdoor Kitchen Ideas and Designs

Our kitchens can be a fun place to dine, unwind, and interact with family and friends. And as far as outdoor kitchens are concerned, it’s every family’s dream to have that perfect dining experience out in the sun, with a lovely breeze keeping everyone cool and the kids not on their gadgets.

What better way to improve bonding time with your family other than modeling a fabulous outdoor kitchen where you can collectively unwind and mingle? Try these seven remarkable outdoor kitchen designs to maximize your family‘s experience:

1. Built-in Outdoor Kitchen

Love the outdoors? Bring your kitchen out and be a part of the function even when preparing meals! Keep your meal preparation and family time together with your built-in outdoor kitchen, complete with cooking fixtures and amenities to ensure it’s fully functional.

Make sure your built-in kitchen is leveled in a way that you can easily grab hold of ingredients and spices during meal prep. To avoid potential damages to your kitchen fixtures and equipment, also make sure you install roofing.

2. Metallic Countertops

Metallic countertops look great with either plain colors or richer tones. The more rustic-looking ones will blend well with just about any outdoor kitchen theme. You can opt to choose an eye-level countertop with colors that complement your outdoors as well—i.e. forest green, deep wood—to help it further blend and match your kitchen’s color scheme.

Worrying about that countertop going green? Simply finish your countertop with lacquer to lock in the color and avoid scratches—and mold.

3. Grill Station

Your grilling station must be properly installed and supported, so make sure you get licensed home remodeling professionals to help you with this. It should also be positioned away from water sources like sprinklers and hoses to avoid any potential damages. You can also plan ahead by installing an overhead structure for your kitchen where you can wire electricity through and attach a ceiling fan to circulate the smoke.

With the equipment and safety measures in place, you can easily turn that weekend dinner into a barbecue party—a great tradition to maximize family time and bonding with friends.

4. Repurposed Shutters

Fabulous Outdoor Kitchen Ideas and DesignsAchieve that perfect coastal outdoor kitchen look with repurposed shutters. This structure will make your kitchen look quaint and refreshing. Plus, repurposed shutters are much cheaper than new wood and other modern materials.

5. Outdoor Pizza Oven

An outdoor pizza oven is perfect for small or large gatherings, and can enhance your rustic-outdoor-kitchen-look in an instant. With this in your yard, your family and friends can enjoy unlimited fresh pizza at their convenience. Additionally, outdoor pizza ovens are perfect for occupying empty spaces.

6. Open Air Dining

Your outdoor kitchen experience wouldn’t be complete without open air dining. There’s just something about dining outside your kitchen walls, a clear view of the sky overhead plus a great view of your landscape. Imagine meals with your family; a crisp breeze keeping people cool, your chimney in full blaze to balance it out, and you and your family gathered around the table—together and happy.

You might want to prepare the space for electric installations to accommodate outlets and electrical appliances. On that note, make sure no tubes, wirings, and other potentially hazardous lines are exposed.

7. Picnic Table

A picnic table for your outdoor kitchen will help manage the people during medium and large gatherings. While it’s sometimes fun to dine on a single table, elbow-to-elbow closeness is just hard to fathom and deal with during meals. Make use of your space and set a picnic table—preferably with portable overhead—for visitors.

Kitchens are the heart of every home; it’s where families gather in spite of their busy schedules. Apart from the sentiments of shared meals, they serve as places for communication and family decisions. Bringing them outside can be a step towards an invigorated family gathering. When designing your outdoor kitchen, call in professional help to make your plans come to life—timely and perfectly.

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