6 Landscape Design Ideas for the Holidays

6 Landscape Design Ideas for the Holidays

6 Landscape Design Ideas for the HolidaysSome of you may still have pumpkins in your porch or Halloween décor inside the home. Many others still haven’t gotten over the memorable Thanksgiving they had recently. But look at your calendar – Christmas arrives in less than a month and you’ll soon need to prepare your home for yet another fun-filled occasion.

Doing a landscape design for the holidays can be tricky because you’ll need to make sure the plants and décor complement each other. Check out these 6 cool tips to designing your backyard this festive holiday season.

Pine Cones

Whenever you see pine cones, something in your mind tells you that the holiday season is upon you. Pine cone decorations are simple but extremely effective in bringing the holiday cheer to your home. Put as many pine cones as you like (within reason!) in your yard or on the patio. They can also be placed on wreaths and garlands.

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Live trees can be placed in summer pots, and they work best if set on the patio. It may not seem like a drastic landscape design, but simple and subtle can still be stunning. By using small to medium-sized Christmas trees, you achieve a purely decorative effect while simultaneously bringing the fresh air right onto your doorstep.

Pots are not limited to one tree, as they can hold up other plants like branches and evergreens. Just remember that the positioning of each pot is important. You could try alternating them along your front porch or lining them up beside your garage.

Christmas Wreaths

Wreaths can be pinned to the door or placed on the mailbox. To hang a Christmas wreath around your mailbox, simply hook the décor around it using a wire or removable adhesive. You can also hang them on your window shutters.

Christmas wreaths are yet another example of simple landscape design that can breathe new life into your current outdoor setup. Wreaths add a warm, holiday feeling to your home.


Cut hedges to get that perfectly manicured effect and then place Christmas lights on them to catch the attention of guests. Hedges are easy landing spots for any string light because of their shape and size. You can get any pattern of lights that you want—and any color—and rest assured the hedges will definitely complement them.


One of the most versatile accessories for interior and landscape design is the garland. Made of Christmas flowers and leaves, it can wrap around your front door for a festive feeling. Garlands also make great garden and patio accents.

Window Boxes

Window boxes are wonderful places to put evergreens in. For added Christmas spice, you can place delicate ornaments on top of them. Don’t hesitate to use as many window boxes as you want to. They add more depth to your home, which is always a good thing, and traditionally add more appeal to your landscape as well.

With all the hustle and bustle during the holiday season, it’s easy to lose track of everything – even the landscape itself. Expensive decorations don’t matter if you don’t have a nice landscape to back it up. But with all the mowing, raking leaves, weeding, and outdoor equipment maintenance on top of general lawn care … really, who has time to do all of that?

Delving into landscape design for the holidays should not be a stressful task. Therefore, if you think a professional can do the job better than you, find reputable contractors in your area to get an estimate. Christmas comes only once a year, so it’s okay to splurge for your holiday landscaping. Just remember that moderation is key.

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