6 Clever Designs Ideas That Will Transform Your Backyard

Recently, a lot of homeowners have begun focusing their remodeling efforts on their front and backyards. Some find that adding a fountain, a patio, an outdoor kitchen, or even a modest flagstone walkway can really class up their exterior.

So why not join in on the fun?

Whether it’s small, subtle decorations or full-scale building projects, these clever additions will have you—and your family—eagerly stepping out of your house and into your yard.

Install a Daybed on Your Patio

Instead of using practical—but boring—lawn chairs or wooden benches, install a cozy daybed in a corner of your patio! Put up half walls and a slatted ceiling to let the air and sunshine in without completely exposing yourself to the elements. Keep everything within the same color scheme for a clean, comfy effect or go in the complete opposite direction and opt for mismatched throw pillows and vibrant sheets for a more eclectic, whimsical look.

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Build an Outdoor Kitchen

The outdoor kitchen has become extremely popular addition to most backyard remodels—and rightly so. There are dozens of benefits to having an outdoor kitchen. It’s great for entertaining; it keeps all the smells outside (especially if your ingredients smell particularly strong); it expands your living space; it increases your home’s market value; and the fresh air provides ventilation that greatly improves the taste of smoked or grilled food.

Small Patio = Cozy Outdoor Living Room

If you’re unhappy with your rather petite patio, don’t expand it—turn it into an outdoor living room! This is a rising trend with most suburban homeowners, and it’s proving to be quite practical. Some squashy armchairs, a comfy couch, and a handful of decorations can instantly turn any area of your backyard into a cozy living space.

Set Up a Water Feature

Having a water feature in your backyard provides an element of cleansing and calming. Many people swear by infinity pools and miniature waterfalls, but a simple fountain or pond will do just as well. Keep things looking rustic and unique by using tiered buckets as a creative waterfall, or stick to the classic marble fountain in the center of the yard for an upscale look.

Hang Light Fixtures

Fixed light fixtures are common, dated, and better suited to the interior of your home. Instead of the usual outdoor lampposts or drab wall fluorescent bulbs, why not add some life and color to your backyard with hanging light sources? String lights can make your backyard look ethereally whimsical. Hanging lanterns can wash everything in a soft, romantic glow. Hanging lightbulbs can look rustically charming if placed right.

Use Unusual Planters

Speaking of common, clay pots and decorative steel trays make for nice, practical planters. However, if you really want to your garden to subtly stand out, try using unusual objects to act as planters. For instance, hang brightly colored colanders from the ceiling of your patio to act as hanging planters. Alternatively, repaint old purses or handbags and fill them with vibrant greens or delicate crawling plants. You can even use a hollowed-out tree stump to hold blooms.

The best part about all these additions is that they needn’t be expensive. Even building an outdoor kitchen or living room can be a low-cost endeavor as long as you know where to source materials, how to optimize space, and how to find cost-effective contractors. What matters is that you choose additions that creatively show your unique touch and mark your backyard as your own.

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