5 Big Mistakes People Make When Caring For Their Landscaping on Their Own

5 Big Mistakes People Make When Caring For Their Landscaping on Their Own

Homeowners frequently decide to take on landscaping projects on their own, but this option can have negative results. Following are five of the most common mistakes people make when caring for their landscaping on their own.

Choosing the Wrong Plants
Improper plant selection is one of the most commonly made mistakes that people make when they decide to handle their own landscaping. They tend to visit nurseries and purchase what is most visually appealing to them at that time. Later on, they may discover that the plant is not the right fit for their outdoor living space and are consequently faced with the expense and effort of replacing it, often with another plant that is not suitable for the location.

Scalping the Grass
Busy homeowners frequently try to save time by setting their mower blade on its lowest setting and cutting the grass as short as possible, hoping to lengthen the time until the next mowing. Unfortunately, they often accomplish exactly that, but not in a good way. The grass ends up being cut so short that it fails to grow back properly, presenting an unsightly, scalped appearance that provides weeds with ample opportunities to gain a foothold in the lawn area. A professional who is skilled in proper lawn care practices will know the proper length to cut different types of grass in order to avoid inadvertently scalping the lawn.


Not Having a Plan
The majority of homeowners fail to have a plan when they begin major landscaping, and the result is a disconnected hodgepodge that fails to achieve any sort of significant curb appeal. It might look lopsided because the homeowner failed to take design basics into consideration. Even if you have no immediate plans to put your home up for sale, visual appeal from the front is an essential component of effective landscape maintenance techniques. You’ll feel a sense of pride and home when you return to your house after a tough day at work, and when the time comes to sell your house, you won’t have to spend substantial time and money trying to piece together and outdoor living space that has the type of curb appeal that attracts prospective buyers.

Not Accounting for Different Seasons
Some homes are surrounded by absolutely gorgeous lawn and garden areas — for about two or three weeks per year. This happens when the homeowners does not plan landscaping choices to account for different seasons. For instance, they may end up planting nothing but shrubs that flower during the same period in the spring, leaving the rest of their landscape devoid of colorful interest during the rest of the year. Planning for a variety of color and interest for every season maintains an optimal appearance. For instance, a couple of holly bushes flanking your front gate will add vibrant pops of color to otherwise bleak winter days, and a maple tree that displays gold and red foliage in autumn will provide a gorgeous accent when seasonal floral displays have ended.

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Incorrect Cultivation Practices
Using the wrong tools for the wrong job is another common mistake made by homeowners who opt to take on major landscaping projects. Using the wrong type of sprinkler system for a particular lawn, for instance, may result in damage to lawn as a result of receiving improper amounts of water. Professional landscapers will also have expertise in pest control strategies, proper pruning techniques, and know how to site plants so they get as much or as little sun as they need in order to thrive.

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