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5 Backyard Remodels You’ll Drool Over This Summer

This summer, add a little personality to your backyard by investing in several cool backyard remodels. They don’t necessarily have to be large or expensive projects to make an impact. Simple landscaping, adding flowerbeds, or planting seedlings are some inexpensive ways you can alter the look of your backyard in time for the hottest season of the year.

But if you do have the budget, here are five summery backyard remodels we guarantee you’ll love.

Gazebos, Cabanas, and Pergolas—Oh, My!

Seek shade from the scorching summer sun with these stylish backyard structures. You can always expand the awning or patio roof, but if you have the budget for it, why not put up a gazebo or cabana? These quaint, cottage-like summerhouses are often constructed to be open on all sides. The roof is supported by simple columns or archways, providing overhead protection without blocking the view of the surrounding areas—or the occasional summer breeze.

Gazebos, cabanas, and pergolas are perhaps some of the best backyard remodels you can have. They’re practical, they can be used for both entertainment and relaxation, and the overall structure is just gorgeous to look at.

Ponds, Pools, and Waterfalls

It’s summertime. It’s hot. People want to feel cool and refreshed. Shade is all well and good, but adding water features to your backyard can really improve the overall feel during summer. We highly recommend transplanting a body of water into your yard to mentally cool you off.

You can place a beautiful little pond in the corner and plant native trees or small shrubs around it to create a cooler spot and focal point. Alternatively, install a swimming pool in the center to really keep the heat away. Add a bit of flair with a miniature waterfall for your pond or pool. It can be a little difficult to clean, but trust us—the resulting look can be so worth it.

Outdoor Kitchen Island

If your kitchen doesn’t open right into the patio, you should definitely consider constructing an outdoor kitchen island. Summer is the perfect time for cookouts and barbecue, and having to make several trips from the kitchen to the backyard just to keep the festivities going can get quite tiresome. Put up an outdoor kitchen island as a place where you and your family or friends can relax, hang out, and fry up some steaks or finger foods in the coolness of a summer evening.

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Calming Elements

backyard remodelsAs we mentioned earlier, backyard remodels need not be big and fancy. Adding a handful of calming elements to your backyard in strategic locations can completely transform the look and feel of it. The waterfall and pond we mentioned earlier are a good start, but there are other options.

For instance, comfortable seating arrangements in soft powder hues can be both lovely to look at and completely practical. Succulents are dainty, gentle, and easy to care for. A small Japanese rock garden in the corner can add an overall “zen” vibe to the space. Ambient lights in soft yellows or oranges are perfect for adding mood lighting. Little details and decorations, when chosen correctly, can perfectly tie your backyard together this summer.

Happy Fencing

backyard remodelsIf you’ve got a fence around your property, you can breathe a little life into your backyard remodels this summer by painting it an upbeat color. Shades of blue and green are trending right now. Stay away from colors like yellow, red, or orange, as these can look glaring in the heat of sun. Try deeper, interesting colors like forest green, which can be very calming, or powder blue, which can make the surroundings look cooler. In fact, some say certain shades of blue—like cerulean or periwinkle—can increase the equity of your home.

Want to make an activity out of it? Bring out the smocks and DIY the fence paint job with your partner and kids. It’ll be a fun summer project that you can bond over.

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