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AJ’s Landscaping is excited to show you this wonderful park in Walnut Creek . We began our explorations at Arbolado Park, located at Arbolado Drive at Doncaster Drive in Walnut Creek, CA. This 26.5 acre park offers green grass, shady and mature shade trees with amenities for children of all ages to enjoy. Arbolado Park is a beautiful slice of Walnut Creek to visit to really enjoy your day.

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Big thanks to Local Backroads who made this wonderful video possible with incorporating our business here at AJ’s Landscaping.

” If you love the great outdoors, we can help you bring your outdoor living dreams come to life in your very own backyard! Today on Local Backroads, we find ourselves in Walnut Creek, California at Arbolado Park. At nearly 27 acres, this park is giant and has something for everybody to enjoy. For younger children there are two sets of play structures. One of them is a little bit smaller and designed for your kids age two to five and then there’s one that’s much larger for children aged five to 12. There’s only a little bit of shading over the structure, but with all of the beautiful trees around the park, you won’t even notice at Arbolado Park, there’s basketball court options. There’s four different hoops that you can choose from and one is a full-court option and another is a half-court option. There are beautifully maintained tennis courts at this park. You do need a permit to hold any kind of formal class or organized class, but otherwise they’re completely open to the public. On really hot days there are lots of water bottle refill stations throughout the park. Now, these are really unique because it’s a water fountain, a water bottle refill option, and also a way to get your pet fresh water. There are also lots of picnic table options at this park. Whether you wanted to just bring a picnic and sit at the tables or you wanted to actually barbecue, that’s also an option for you. Another great characteristic about this park is there are very well maintained restrooms at the far end. Arbolado Park also has expansive fields for sports, so you’ll often find soccer games happening on the weekends. Now these fields are open for the public, but for any kind of organized sport, you do need a permit through the city. Other areas are just expansive green grass areas for you to run, play and enjoy some time with your family. Arbolado Park offers something for everybody in Walnut Creek, California. If you’re looking for a fun way to spend the day, this is a great park to visit. For more information about the park, click on the link below and as always, when you’re looking for more fun things to do around town, follow us on Local Backroads. From outdoor kitchens, pools, water scapes, fire pits, or elaborate gardens, AJ’s Landscaping will bring your outdoor living dreams to life. “

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